Welcome to Ladybug's!

We are an online store based in Brazil created in 2015 by the union of two best friends, Roberta and Silmara.

Our goal is to offer modern and exclusive bijoux to women of different styles, wrapped with a great customer service at a fair price.

We offer a wide range of rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces to women who are passionate about fashion and accessories, but want to keep their individuality by not using the same jewellery as everyone else.

We believe in the diversity of products and the singularity of women, and for that, at least 80% of our products are exclusive, made by ourselves. Yes, we just make one of each, and they are signed by Ladybug’s owners and designers: Nikah Costa and Silmara Gracia Dio.

As we handmade our bijoux, we are always searching for modern ingredients as we mix them with a personalized and exclusive touch.

From choosing our suppliers to combining colours, textures and sparkles, we have a limited production to guarantee the exclusivity. When a customer buys from us, she can be sure of getting something made just for her.

Our company is animal friendly, and we are always worried about offering vegan products as we use synthetic material to replace leather and wool.

We put our heart in every single detail, and more than offering a high quality product, our bijoux also contains our love and the hope of making the world a better place by helping women find their uniqueness while enhancing their self-esteem.

ladybug's bijoux

We are pleased to announce that our international customers can purchase our products on Etsy.

Simply click on the image below, choose your favourite bijoux, and we will happily ship them overseas.

Etsy Ladybug's

Please note that not all our products are listed on Etsy yet. If you've found something you like on our website but couldn't find it on our Etsy Shop, just contact us, and we'll be happy to include them in our Etsy listing.

You can contact us by e-mail, chat or WhatsApp by clicking here.